Algalita and 5 Gyres

Photo of Anna Cummins and Marcus Eriksen of 5 Gyres after a Bermuda beach cleanup.The 5 Gyres project is a partnership between Algalita, in association with Pangaea Exploration. To understand the impact of plastic pollution we study the 5 subtropical gyres by sailing through them. Together, we organize research expeditions, inviting scientists, journalists and other sailors to join the crew. Algalita is the research arm of the project. All of the samples that are collected will be analyzed by Algalita and the data and research will be published under our name. Samples will be collected by using travel trawls, manta trawls that have been specially developed for portability during these global journeys.The Algalita Marine Research Institute (AMRI) is a recognized authority in the study of plastic marine debris in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. Plastic marine debris in the North and South Atlantic Gyres, South Pacific Gyre, and Indian Ocean Gyre, has received little attention relative to the greater studied North Pacific Subtropical Gyre.

To further understand the scope and impact of plastic debris in the global marine ecosystem, Algalita and 5 Gyres have conducted the following research expeditions:

2012 Western North Pacific Gyre Expedition >>
2012 Tsunami Debris Field Investigation >>
2011 North Pacific Gyre Expedition >>
2011 South Pacific Gyre Sample Collection >>
2010 South Atlantic Gyre Sample Collection >>
2010 Indian Gyre Sample Collection >>
2010 North Atlantic Gyre Sample Collection >>


By conducting research in all the world's major gyres, The 5 Gyres project is an opportunity for AMRI to maintain its authority on research about plastic marine debris and its impact on marine ecosystems.