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5 Gyres

The 5 Gyres Project is a partnership of organizations working to study, communicate, and solve the problem of plastic marine pollution.
To learn more about the Oceanographic Research Vessel Alguita visit our web site and find information on future projects, charters, rates, and volunteer registration.


Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
Located just steps from the ocean at Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is a non-profit public aquarium/museum dedicated to promoting knowledge and awareness of the marine life of Southern California through recreational, educational, and research programs.


California Coastal Commission
The California Coastal Commision's Public Education Program works to increase public knowledge of coastal and marine resources and to engage the public in coastal protection and restoration activities. It offers a variety of conservation, education and community involvement programs. There is bound to be a program just right for you, so get involved!


Earth Echo International
The mission of EarthEcho International is to accomplish a measurable reduction in the damage to and loss of natural resources and habitat among the world’s oceans. In the words of the mission statement, "To inspire a sense of stewardship for our planet and create an environmentally sustainable future."


Electrolux is a global leader in household appliances and appliances for professional use, selling more than 40 million products to cust omers in more than 150 markets every year. Electrolux has recently launched a campaign called "Vac from the Sea". The aim of the campaign is to bring attention to the issue of plastic pollution in the world's oceans and to promote the use of recycled plastics for making sustainable home appliances. Learn more about Electrolux and their Green Range products at


Grades of Green

Grades of Green is a parent-run volunteer program that was hands-on and focused on being a support team for the broader school community. The program became a huge success as it not only inspired children to make a difference, but it also resulted in significant savings for the school. It engaged parents and raised interests among the community to continue rolling out this program in other schools. Since then, Grades of Green has become a non-profit organization, partnered with a local waste hauler and aligned its efforts with the City Council and School Boards to expand the program.


Maui Ocean Center

Aptly named “The Hawaiian Aquarium,” this state-of-the-art marine park on the island of Maui is the only facility in the world dedicated to fostering understanding, wonder and respect for Hawaii’s marine life. Dedicated to perpetuating the island’s host culture, Maui Ocean Center’s exhibits and tours also showcase the language, myths and history of the Hawaiian Islands in an entertaining and educational format.


Oceanic Awareness Collaboration - Interview & Goals

OAC works to raise awareness and fund projects to help ocean related issues through art shows and auctions, concerts, as well as collaborating with different companies in the fashion industry and large chain retailers to really bring the target issues to the surface.


Orange County Coastkeeper
The CoastKeeper is dedicated to the principal that protecting the waters of Orange County is the job of everyone. As the citizen "aquacop," the CoastKeeper patrols the harbors combating pollution one polluter at a time.


Pacific Whale Foundation

Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting our oceans through science and advocacy. Based on Maui, PWF’s work takes place in Hawaii, Ecuador, Australia, Chile and other parts of the Pacific. One of the goals of PWF’s educational programs is to teach children and adults about the critical importance of reducing the use of plastic as a step to prevent marine plastic pollution.


Pangaea Exploration

Pangaea Explorations provides operational support for critical marine
environment work through exploration, education and conservation. Their mission is to inspire and develop a new generation of leaders in
conservation science, communication, education, art and policy
leadership. Pangaea Exploration operates the expedition sailing vessel Sea Dragon on a long-term project of marine conservation, exploration and education. Their behind marine exploration, education and conservation work is specifically designed to create space for regular people to join the front line team. Their trips include formal expeditions, adventure sailing and private chater and are involved in high seas research, coastal conservation, education, filming and many other activities.


Plastic Soup blog - Jesse Goossens
Dutch author, Jesse Goossens chronicles her research and her campaign about the global marine plastic pollution problem. Goossens created this chronicle during her research in the United States and Europe. The blog includes commentaries and interviews with people who are knowledgeable about the problem, and who offer their perspectives and approaches to finding a solution to the problem. The blog was originally published in Dutch and almost simultaneously translated into English to provide a global audience with access to this information.


Positive H2O
Positive H2O is a movement for clean water that brings together a community of athletes, conservationists, non-profits and companies, which help to facilitate local solutions on a global scale. They promote a lifestyle that is healthy, conscious, creative and in harmony with the environment. Having clean oceans and access to clean drinking water and sanitation for people in need are at the top of Positive H2O's priorities.


Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation
This site was developed to provide information and increase knowledge about the Santa Monica Bay. It contains information about the Bay and its habitats, its history and uses, and the effects humans have had on its waters. Plus information on how people can help restore the bay.


STOP (Science & Technology against Ocean Plastics)

STOP's mission is to build a community of concerned individuals who are aware of the true scale of plastic pollution in the world's oceans, and the potential consequences for human health. Through the use of the latest community software and social media technology, STOP will give this community the ability to demand change from industry, and the introduction of coordinated government legislation.

Surfrider Foundation
The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting our oceans, waves and beaches.

  1. Long Beach Chapter
  2. Huntington/Seal Beach Chapter
  3. Oahu Chapter
  4. Santa Cruz Chapter
  5. West Maui Chapter


Tara Foundation for Marine Research

Tara a floating research platform that is co-directed by Dr. Eric Karsenti and Etienne Bourgois. Its principal objectives are to enable scientists to study little known aspects of ocean ecosystems including planktonic life, and the effect of global warming on this critical unicellular base to the marine food chain. Also studied are the effects of global warming on coral reefs and the marine life dependent upon them.

A new scientific project designed by the Algalita Marine Research Institute (link), focused on identifying the presence of plastic residue in the waters adjacent to Antarctica, has been added to the ship board research protocols.


Trilogy Excursions

The Algalita Marine Research Institute has partnered with Trilogy Excursions to conduct a baseline study on plastics in the waters off of Maui Nui - the first ever study of micro plastics in inshore Hawaiian waters.


Wyland Foundation

Founded by renowned environmental artist Wyland, the Wyland Foundation has helped children and families around the nation to rediscover the importance of healthy oceans and waterways through public art programs, classroom science education, and live events. The foundation gives children the tools they need to become more creative, positive, and solution-oriented.

Zoë b Organic

Zoë b Organic has recently launched a new line of biodegradable beach toys that contain no BPA phthalates or PVC. This companie's founder, Valerie Lecoeur, is a "green" mom who thinks we need to take better care of our planet for the sake of our children. With three young children, she has become frustrated by the lack of "eco-friendly" options out there for parents.

Zoë b Organic has announced it will embark on a three-week “Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Tour” starting July 11, 2011. Valerie Lecoeur, founder of Zoë b, will be traveling by RV from Seattle to San Diego, along with family and friends—for a total of 4 adults, 4 kids, and a 5-pound Yorkie Poo named “Rambo”. The purpose of the trip is to create awareness among families about the damage plastic is doing to the environment—specifically in our oceans and on our beaches—along with promoting plastic alternatives like the new Zoë b Beach Toys.

Supporting Organizations and Associations

Adventurers Club of Los Angeles

The prestigious Los Angeles Adventurers Club supports Algalita’s pending historic voyage through the Tsunami Debris Field. LAAC’S first dinner of the Adventurers’ Club was held at Joel’s Restaurant in New York in 1912. The group was a mixture of soldiers, sailors, hunters, trappers, travelers, journalists, authors and scientists. Four toasts were offered: "To Adventure, the Shadow of Every Red-Blooded Man;" "To the Game;" "To Every Lost Trail, Lost Cause, and Lost Comrade;" and last, "To Gentlemen Adventurers." Thus, the first Adventurers’ Club was born. Each gathering salutes those who have returned from an adventure and those who are about to depart on one. The Club has met every Thursday (holidays excepted) since 1922. Its notable members include Sylvia Earle and Buzz Aldrin. Members who have passed on include Lowell Thomas, Astronaut Gordon Cooper and Paul MacCready, inventor of the human powered flying machine, Gossamer Albatross which flew across the English Channel in 1978. Guest speakers have been from all walks of life on the planet, including Don Walsh, the only living person to have been to the deepest part of the ocean on the Trieste; one of the few last survivors of the Doollittle Raid on Tokyo and most recently, Fraser Heston, documentary filmmaker and son of beloved actor, Charlton Heston. In 2008, Anna Cummins made a presentation to the Club which included a surprise speaker satellite call from her future husband, Dr. Marcus Eriksen, on JUNKraft in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Destination 3°

Destination 3° is a standup paddle adventure across Hawaii’s legendary channels.

In April 2010, Jenny Kalmbach and Morgan Hoesterey, two of the world’s elite female standup paddleboarders, made their way across each of these channels. This adventure helped benefit Algalita Marine Research Institute in our efforts to understand and protect the oceans from the impacts of plastics contamination.


Geography connects our many cultures and societies and influences our way of life. Esri is built on the philosophy that a geographic approach to problem solving ensures better communication and collaboration.

Geographic information system (GIS) technology leverages this geographic insight to address social, economic, business, and environmental concerns at local, regional, national, and global scales.

Green Builder Media

Green Builder Media is the leading media company in the North American residential building industry. They're focused exclusively on green building and responsible growth. They focus on the design and construction of environmentally appropriate, cost-effective buildings through their Green Builder Magazine and VISION House demonstration series. Each magazine issue is transformed into a themed guide, enabling their readers to build a useful reference library.

Green Builder Media is currently producing an educational webinar series titled, " Impact Series: Game Changers in Sustainability". Algalita's North Pacific Gyre Voyage Research Director, Marcus Eriksen, will be featured July 5 at 11:00am (PDT), two days before departure. Click HERE for an archived listing of past Impact Series speakers.

Green Wish

Green Wish is a grassroots, non-profit charitable organization that is focused on helping local green organizations fund projects for their communities through small donations at local retailers and online in "pay what you can" denominations. All organizations are vetted by the board and alternate, leaving room for other groups to participate. Their mission is to collect money for smaller local groups that are very deserving and in much need of support.

Guacamole Fund

Guacomole Fund is a tax exempt, public charity that has been helping to coordinate events for organizations that work in the public interest, since 1973. They focus on supporting grass roots activities, with education, outreach, networking and funding, in the areas of the environment and wildlife, social change, peace with justice, energy and a non nuclear future.

Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation - All At Once

The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization that “focuses on environmental, arts and music education. Jack Johnson, an American folk rock singer-songwriter and surger, created the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation after his third album in effort to help children in his home state of Hawaii and promote environment awareness.

Kewalo Basin Harbor

Kewalo Basin is a mixed-use harbor that provides berthing for Commercial, Commercial Fishing & Recreational Vessels. The harbor team assisted Algalita during the 2011 Summer voyage through the North Pacific Gyre.

Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA)

SIMA is dedicated to keeping our oceans clean for the enjoyment of surfers and ocean lovers.



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