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Be A North Pacific Voyage Sponsor

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Here are two additional ways to participate in the AMRF unique Summer 2011 North Pacific Gyre scientific expedition.

Sponsor a crew member. This will give you the opportunity to support people who can contribute to the expedition: scientists, journalists, educators, policy makers, employees of private sector firms, and particularly young, future leaders. Crew members will recognize their sponsors by writing blogs and generating additional photos/videos at sea, including company branding for sponsor’s websites.

Sponsor a Trawl. Supporting funding for one 24-hour sample collection trawl ensures each crew members’ participation, integral to the research to be conducted on this voyage. Trawl Sponsors will be mentioned in a dedicated blog posted during the expedition highlighting their support, as well as acknowledgement of their company logo in the post.

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President Bill Francis Responds to Science Daily

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Recently, the Editor of Science Daily caused some stir after publishing an article entitled Oceanic Garbage Patch Not Nearly as Big as Portrayed in Media. Bill Francis, President of Algalita Marine Research Foundation, responded with a letter that addressed the severity of plastic pollution in the oceans and its adverse affects. Read his entire response.

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