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Looking for a hands on marine science experience??

Posted by: Katie Allen

Join the Algalita Marine Research Foundation Explorer Post!!

On Tuesday, June 28th at 6pm, Algalita will be hosting a “First Nighter” informational session regarding the foundation’s Explorer Post.
Where: The Sea Base Aquatic Center
5875 Appian Way, Long Beach CA 90803

Join fellow students who are interested in the ocean – from marine biology and oceanography to ocean policy and law and everything in between.  We will discuss the activities you will be able to participate in as a member of the AMRF Explorer Post.
Future Speakers will include Algalita scientists, NOAA Researchers, professional divers, environmental lawyers, and more!  Activities will include tide pooling, sample analysis of the trawl catch, aquarium visits, SCUBA and surfing introduction and more.

Contact if you are interested in attending our FIRST NIGHTER or would like to learn more!

Exploring is a unique career exploration program for young men and women ages 14-20.  Our program provides an ideal link between the academic environment and the real world.
Student Benefits:
**Character Development
**Leadership development
**Social development
**Unique career experiences, networking & internships
**Volunteer community service
**Group collaboration and teamwork

For more information about exploring click HERE

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UNEP Year Book 2011

Posted by: Katie Allen

UNEP YEAR BOOK 2011: Emerging Issues in our Global Environment

The UNEP Year Book 2011 examines events and developments during 2010 to prove how cutting edge science reveals new opportunities and solutions.  The document outlines and explores a number of different global emerging issues such as:

- Plastic debris in our Oceans: How it can transport toxic substances which may end up in the food chain, causingpotential harm to ecosystem and human health
- Impacts of phosphorus in food production
- How halting the loss of forest biodiversity is essential if forests are to adapt to mounting pressures, including climate change and pest outbreaks
- A summary of rapid growth in renewable energy supply

This year book is perfect to share in the classroom or even at home with your family!  It’s easy to read, understand, and will help you get up to speed on many of today’s environmental issues.

To learn more about UNEP please visit

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Algalita rides the Waves of Change at NOAA Marine Debris Conference

Posted by: Katie Allen

Last March, over 440 participants representing 38 countries traveled to Waikiki for the Fifth Annual International Marine Debris Conference to highlight research advances and discuss strategies to assess, reduce, and prevent the impacts of marine debris.  The event, sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), received financial support from both Coca-Cola and the American Chemistry Council (ACC).

Among the countless goals the participants hoped to accomplish was the launch of a global industry decree.  According to NOAA, the declaration was to mark a new, cross-sectoral approach to help reduce the occurrence of marine debris, as well as the extensive damage it causes to marine habitats, the global economy, biodiversity and the risks posted to human health.  The document, titled “The Honolulu Commitment“, was signed by 47 plastics organizations from 25 different countries and is based on implementing progressive steps towards reducing marine debris.  Through this commitment, organizations are encouraged to not only build on existing research and partnerships, but also to share their legal, market-based solutions towards reducing marine debris.

Excited to participate in such a groundbreaking event, we sent our president, Bill Francis, and four of our top researchers. Our very own Captain Charles Moore, Gwen Lattin, Holly Gray, and Christiana Boerger presented their latest findings, research data, and ideas to the participants of the conference.  They dove into topics such as:

  • Neustonic plastic density and abundance in the North Pacific Gyre 1999-2009
  • North Pacific Subtropical Gyre voyage aboard ORV Alguita to detect, quantify, and remove plastic debris and ghost nets
  • Investigation of plastic marine debris across the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre

. (more…)

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