Debris From Our Sea - A Visual Art Contest & Exhibit

Maui students of all ages collaborated to visually depict the effects of plastic pollution on their community.  Algalita encouraged participants to collect debris from their local beaches in order to exhibit the different types of marine pollution that surrounds their home.  Overall, we had over 30 entries, ranging from sculptures to songs and music videos!


WINNING SUBMISSION:  Sandy Patterson and her students from Lanai Elementary School, organized a trip to clean up all the sea debris at Mauna Lei Beach.  They collected SEVEN TRUCK LOADS of tires, batteries, plastic bottles, and other debris.  Some of it they saved and made into art.  A fourth grade student, Brooke Belista, was inspired to write a song about cleaning up the earth and Mr. Matt Glickstein, a very talented teacher’s aide, composed the music, recorded the kids singing, and made a video of their beach clean up.

Enjoy their music video HERE!

Visit our flickr to view all of the wonderful Debris From Our Sea entries >>


“Debris From Our Sea” has given Maui students the chance to show the world the living legacy that is washing up on their doorstep.  Although their home has become a filter for marine debris, the students have expressed an incredible amount of optimism and hope for change.  Understanding the processes responsible for transporting debris plays an essential role in finding solutions.

Registation is CLOSED this year - Check back in 2013!

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