National Geographic helps raise awareness about upcoming 2012 Expedition

National Geographic has done an excellent job of describing the Algalita/5 Gyres/Pangea Explorations two-legged 2012 Expedition through the Western Pacific Gyre and predicted Japan tsunami debris field.  Writer, Meghan Miner, not only sums up the logistics of the voyage, but has also helped express our respect for an area containing pieces of peoples lives.  Check out the article here!

Our main goal will be studying the effects of plastic pollution and marine debris relative to:
  • providing habitat for marine life and its ability to transport invasive species from on continent to another;

  • rates of decomposition of debris;

  • colonization of marine life on, and into, different materials;

  • educating students through the Algalita Ship-2-Shore blog; and

  • spatial distribution of debris along the entire voyage transect

We will also endeavor to observe, record, and recover personal items that might have survived, then make every effort to return them to their rightful owners, or their families.
The knowledge we gain will be invaluable to scientists; government agencies and educators across the globe and there will likely be no opportunity for this type of study for centuries to come.  If you are interested in becoming in a crew member or would like to view our sponsor options and benefits click here for more details.