Studying the impact of plastic debris in the most remote areas of the ocean

As the pioneers in the study of plastic pollution, we were the first to define the research methodology for collecting and analyzing microplastic samples from the ocean.  Since our founder’s 1997 discovery of the “plastic soup” in the North Pacific Gyre, we’ve continued collecting raw data through expeditions around the world.

Our number one method of studying new and previously unexplored effects of plastic pollution.
Time at sea studying plastic pollution:
43,000 hours and counting
Plastic debris samples collected and analyzed:
1,114 containers and counting


main_research_facilityALGALITA LAB & DATA ANALYSIS
A multi-use research facility designed to process and evaluate plastic pollution samples. Located at the S.E.A. Lab in Redondo Beach, California.



The ORV Alguita: the most pioneering, independent research vessel in the world. Designed by catamaran workboat experts in Australia.



main_gis_data_mapGIS DATA MAP
Follow our research expeditions virtually. See sample collection and analysis information from each voyage.




main_research_papersRESEARCH PAPERS
Comprehensive library of research papers on marine debris produced by Algalita and other research organizations.




Ongoing and past projects in collaboration with other environmental research and advocacy organizations.