charlie_sample_hi_res (2)Studying the impact of plastic debris in the most remote areas of the ocean

As the pioneer in the study of plastic pollution, Algalita was the first to spearhead the research methodology for collecting and analyzing micro/macroplastic samples from the ocean.  Since Captain Moore’s 1997 discovery of the “plastic soup” in the North Pacific Gyre, we’ve continued collecting samples through multiple expeditions in the North Pacific and around the world. In 2016, we plan to publish a 15-year retrospective study evaluating the long-term trends and changes we’ve observed in the Gyre.

Algalita believes that sound science should drive policy and direct improved product design.  As we move forward, our in-depth research will continue to influence positive change and solutions on a global level.

Algalita’s research vessel is the the ORV Alguita, a 50-foot, 25-ton aluminum hulled sailing catamaran.  Our research team utlizes this versatile, modern research vessel to collect ocean water samples from the North Pacific Gyre.


Ongoing and past projects in collaboration with other environmental research organizations.




A comprehensive library of research papers on marine debris produced by Algalita and other research organizations.