This expedition is as far from a “cruise” as you can get…

The past 3 days have been extremely trying for our crew sailing across the Western Pacific.  The weather has been rough – 30 knot winds from the SW coupled with 4-5 meter seas.  Needless to say, the difficulties of crossing a turbulent ocean are weighing down on our crew.  Here is an update from Skipper Rodrigo Olson:

“We set sail the day after a major storm and found ourselves entering a very confused sea.  The wind came on the nose and strengthened for the first 36 hours.  The high behind the low caught up with us and giving us a break for few hours, only to have the next system bash us with more head winds and extremely heavy rain. We sailed to the SE to get away from the head winds.  Last night at midnight, the center of the depression went by leaving us with a few hours of lighter winds but heavy torrential rain. An hour later, the SW wind came in and started to blow with gusts up to 40 knots.”

Please stay tuned as we anxiously await further communication. -Katie